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Ah! It's a New Harry Potter Trailer

So often lately, my hobby has become bullying the Twilighters for not being able to form coherent sentences about the Twilight trailers.

But now seeing as a new Harry Potter trailer has come out, it's time to call the kettle black, if only for a couple moments: Kaihjojjasonbousahbuodhn pikahd8ythuolkbhf. ZOMG!!!!1one1!

Ok, it's out of my system now. I can write coherently again.

Take a look:

It starts out with the cave and Dumbledore talking about the dark magic used (we also get a fairly good shot of DD's withered hand, which I think is well done), and the trailer feels completely epic already. It's been over a year since any new Potter has been released and still it gives me chills. The titles, editing and sound look much more finished than in the first trailer, where the effects looked as if they were just roughed in.

In my opinion this trailer does well to balance out the epic and dark with the playful parts of this movie, and got me excited once more for July 2009. What do you think?

The Three Headed Story

Featuring Leslie and Kara my two comtech buddies.


So once upon a time, the space bar was not working on maria's computer and she had to pummel it whenever it justbecame italiks, lovely!


While maria was pummeling leslie was sitting beside her secretely thinking about her stripper career and how awesome she would be at it even though her friends laugh at her.


While Maria was stillpummeling away at the spacebar and Leslie was daydreaming about her super awesome fantastic stripper career, Kara was doing absolutely nothing while staring blankly at the ceiling trying to count how many holes there was.


Lets see where this goes...Collapse )

Musings from Comtech

Goodness from the heart of the computer lab.
Dated: September 17, 2008


It is SPICY.Collapse )

Inspired to Lol at Bad Potter Fanfiction

Happy Thanksgiving, all you Canadian people, and for my American readers (ha like I have any readers!) Happy Columbus day!

Today I am thankful for stupidity because it makes me laugh.

Ok, almost every Potter fan has read fanfiction. And hey, some of it is even pretty good. But fanfiction is the best when it goes very, very, VERY wrong. I am inspired to share this jewel of bad fanfiction with you, because it is too good to stay in my computer forever.

Note: THIS IS NOT MY WORK, I give full credit to whomever wrote it, and admire your courage to post it for the world to see.

That being said, here it is in its unedited glory.


Unedited Glory!Collapse )